Project Management Software for .NET Developers

Project Management Software

If you are a .NET developer seeking a project management software solution to help your team increase its efficiency and productivity, then keep reading, as we will go over some of the top PM tools that could fit your development team’s needs.

Why Use Project Management Software?

With the right project management software, a .NET developer can easily visualize, manage, and track tasks via one solution without switching between several apps. This convenience can boost production speed, reduce errors during the development process, and keep every team member on the same page to avoid issues.

While we will discuss project management software for .NET developers, it is worth noting that you can find such solutions for other fields and industries, such as marketing, sales, human resources, and more. It is also worth mentioning that this list of PM software for .NET development is not a ranking, as we have listed the tools in no particular order.

How To Pick The Right Project Management Software

What one .NET development team needs out of a PM software solution may differ from another, as several factors need to be taken into consideration before making your final pick.

Ideally, you want your project management software to offer a well-rounded feature set that includes the following capabilities:

  • Task management
  • Collaboration
  • Bug and issue tracking
  • File sharing
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Schedule management
  • Invoicing
  • Bookkeeping
  • And more

Beyond those basics, a .NET developer may also seek other tools to aid them during the development process, such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and the like.

One essential item to consider before picking project management software is your .NET development team’s practices. For example, if you prefer to use Scrum or Agile methodologies, then you may seek PM software that offers Scrum boards, velocity charts, sprint tracking, etc. Without such tools, a project management software offering would be the wrong fit, as it would force your team to implement a different methodology.

Other considerations to make when choosing project management tools include integrations. Some software offers more integrations than others, so you should check if your prospective solution integrates with your preferred apps, such as Slack, Google Drive, etc. If not, you may want to look elsewhere for that added functionality. Last but not least, you have to ensure that the PM software’s pricing fits your budget. Luckily, the solutions we will discuss offer different pricing plans to fit varying needs.

The Top PM Software For .NET Developers

Are the following PM software solutions the only ones out there? No, as you can find more if you do a little digging. However, .NET developers should find these offerings to be the best of the bunch due to their user-friendliness and extensive feature sets. Project Management Software

If you want a solid combination of essential project management tools with some advanced features thrown in for good measure, may be right up your alley. With bug tracking, extensive third-party app integrations, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, backlogs, roadmaps, and more, this PM software is bound to be the top choice for several .NET development teams. Project Management

Developers can use’s free version if you are just looking to track your work and have a small team of two. Otherwise, you will want to upgrade to at least the $8 monthly Basic version to help manage your team’s projects. For $10 per month, you can enjoy the Standard version, which is optimized for collaboration. For $16 per user, you can get the Pro version that can help .NET developers with more complicated workflows. Lastly, there is an Enterprise option for more prominent organizations with enhanced needs.

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Wrike Project Management Software

How much of a difference can the right project management tool make with your .NET team’s productivity? A huge one, as Wrike claims their PM software can cut time spent sifting and responding to emails by a whopping 90 percent. As for how you can save such time with Wrike and similar PM tools, that is because you can collaborate and manage tasks all in one place versus having to switch between multiple applications.

Google, Dell, and other huge names use Wrike for its wide range of features that extend well beyond collaboration. If integration is a must, you will find it here, as Wrike integrates seamlessly with Google Drive, Gmail, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and more. As for its in-house features, Wrike offers .NET developers time tracking, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendar views, invoicing capabilities, task assignments, reporting, and more.

Wrike Project Management Software

Wrike’s pricing begins with a free plan that offers limited features. Give it a try if you want to get your feet wet with PM software before making a financial investment. Other pricing plans include:

  • Professional – Created for growing .NET teams looking to plan and collaborate for $9.80 per user, per month.
  • Business – Offers tons of customization, making it Wrike’s most popular plan at $24.80 per user, per month.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing packages are available for massive teams seeking enterprise-grade security, scalability, and more.

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Trello Project Management software

Trello likes to keep it simple, as it offers PM software features for .NET developers looking to get up and running without much of a learning curve. Trello’s interface is intuitive and user-friendly, so even beginners can jump in and start managing projects and tackling tasks relatively quickly.

Trello’s basic setup involves a visual dashboard that offers instant insight into task and project progress via boards, lists, and cards. Managing the software is straightforward, as it employs drag-and-drop functionality that puts you in complete control.

You can use Trello as-is to enjoy timeline views that tell you where a project stands, and if necessary, you can change deadlines on the fly. To extend Trello’s functionality, the PM software offers third-party app integration, and it also works across platforms so .NET developers can stay on top of tasks via different devices.

Trello PM Software

If you want to use Trello’s basic features to keep your .NET team organized, it comes with a free plan that includes 10 boards per workspace plus unlimited storage and cards. Trello’s paid plans are as follows:

  • Standard – $5 per user, per month for upgraded collaboration and PM features.
  • Premium – $10 per user, per month for tracking multiple projects and several views for up to 100 team members.
  • Enterprise – $17.50 per user, per month for enhanced controls and security.

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Jira Project Management Software

If your .NET team prefers the Agile methodology, Jira may be your preferred project management tool. You can increase productivity through Jira’s various features that are highlighted by sprint planning, Scrum and Kanban boards, Gantt charts, file sharing, reporting, roadmaps, task management, and more.

A small team of .NET developers can jump headfirst into Jira by trying its free version that works for up to 10 users. You will not get Jira’s full feature set here, but it will help your team track and plan projects to become more efficient and cohesive.

Jira Project Management Software

Moving up a notch brings us to Jira’s Standard plan, which offers enhanced collaboration features for emerging teams. It costs $7.50 per user, per month, which is nearly half of the next offering: Premium. For $14.50 per user, per month, Jira Premium lets larger teams scale their tracking and collaborative capabilities. And if you have a .NET team with massive security, governance, and scaling needs, contact Jira to discover pricing for their Enterprise version.

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